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Soft padded wheelchair for maximum comfort

Ever had to use a wheelchair, or know someone that does? It’s hard enough to be in a situation where you can’t walk without assistance. So, why do standard wheelchairs make things worse with their outrageously uncomfortable design and hard plastic finish? Whimsical Wheels is an ergonomically designed wheelchair that offers comfort and style, as well as top-of-the-line functionality.

Ergonomic Design

Healthcare experts know that sitting for long periods of time is harmful to your health. Just think about how many companies invest money to ensure their employees receive the most ergonomically design equipment! That their chairs are comfortable and their arm and headrests support them to do the job in hand. Why should it be any different with wheelchairs, where some users spend more than 15 hours a day seated? Whimsical Wheels is designed for those people, bringing a whole new level of comfort.

Feature Packed for Ultimate Convenience

Whimsical Wheels comes complete with padded, removable armrests. No more rigid plastic finishing that can crack and cause injury. No sharp edges that make armrests dangerous or lead to sores from regular use. Whimsical Wheels also includes a convenient back flap pouch facing the caregiver or person pushing the wheelchair, for storing essential items.

  • Comfortable : The first wheelchair to include padded seat and arm rests
  • Practical : Back pockets of all sizes to store items and hold your drink
  • Full Support : Additional foot and leg rest for full body support.
  • Easy Clean : Removable seat covers that wipe down easily
  • Safe : Whimsical Wheels meets all government required quality checks

For the ultimate in convenience, Whimsical Wheels lets you store important items in the zipped bottom pouch, and even includes a drink holder and smaller pockets for your phone, keys or wallet. For the user, there is an additional foot and leg rest for full body support. Say goodbye to hospital-grade, hard, uncomfortable wheelchairs and allow yourself a little luxury with Whimsical Wheels.

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